Official video for You and Me 

I teamed up with Director Patrick Lincoln from Torch House Media for this amazing video for 'You and Me'. We had an amazing time filming this in the snow, fueled by whiskey and dorkiness.  I hope you enjoy! 



I'm super lucky to be involved with the local dance fusion scene in Durham, and through them have hooked up with Recess productions, an alt/dance/escape festival experience with events all over the globe. After performing for them at Shakori Hills, I've been invited to join them in Washington state for their Northwest festival! I'm super excited to be a part of this community, and to perform for them again. Adventure time!

JANXX at Moogfest! 

I'm performing at one of my favorite spots in Durham as part of Moogfest weekend! No wristband required, $5 at the door. I'll be performing a special 2 hour set for the occasion, with ambient improvisational looping during the first half, and dancier tracks during the second. Come join me! 

"What's Going On" cover wins Sony/ATV licensing contest 

Woohoo! My triphop cover of Marvin Gaye's classic was awarded the Grand Prize in Sony's licensing contest! Hopefully you will hear this track in a trailer or toilet paper commercial some time in the near future :) Big thanks to everyone at Indaba Music for this opportunity, and for always being super rad. 
Take a listen here: 

New song, "Change" in support of NC education 

I am donating all profits from the sale of this track to the organizations involved in the following story to help fight for our students, teachers, and everyone supporting our children in the public school system. 

After several attempts to meet with Governor McCrory to discuss the state of education in NC, members of the group Organize 20 20 marched 23 miles to the Governor's Mansion to get his attention. When they arrived, the building was locked (during business hours), and Governor McCrory yet again refused to meet with them. The group was made up of students, teachers, and other public school system workers. In protest, they blocked the intersection outside the mansion with a human chain, and 14 people were arrested. 
This story made my blood boil; what could be controversial about discussing education? Our students deserve the very best, not the very worst. Is it about race? Is it about class? I just don't understand, and it's time to change. 
I won't go over the many worrying statistics surrounding NC education here, but instead point you to the Organize 2020 website here for more info:

You can download the song here: Change- JANXX

Performing at International Halloween Film Fest! 

Um, this is going to be one hell of a fun show (heh....) Headed to my fave beach spot, Kill Devil Hills this October to perform at the swanky afterparty for their new International Film Festival! Where else could be better for a horrorfest than a placed named Kill Devil Hills? 
Pretty stoked, and already scheming on my cotume(s). 
More info on submitting, tickets, whatnot here: 
OBX International Halloween and Horror Film Festival 2016

Update: Here is video from the performance, what a blast! The night was called the "Exotic and Erotic Ball", and there was plenty of both. 

About this weekend...I love you Kill Devil Hills!

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